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Access level discussion

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by David H. on Sep 7, 2017.

  1. David H.

    By:David H.Sep 7, 2017
    ClubRunner Team

    Jun 10, 2017
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    Oakville, ON
    Good idea. I will bring it to the attention of our product team to have an option to allow the club to carry over the levels to next year.

    Thank you for your feedback. We have a Knowledgebase article which goes over the access levels. Please click on the following link to see it:


    I will give your feedback to our Product team about changing the access levels from numbers to a name. One issue that this may cause, is access level "50 - Club Executive" is normally given to Club officers, but at times it is given to normal members to help keep ClubRunner up to date. If we change it to say "Club Executive" instead, then the Club may not want to give this access to normal members any more, or the normal member might think it is a mistake because they are not an officer.
  2. Anita Graham

    By:Anita GrahamSep 7, 2017
    Community Member

    Sep 6, 2017
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    Computer Networking
    I think this is an indication that the levels are not properly named. From the link you gave:

    30 Site Administrator - This is for the member or members who changes the website and administrates the club. This access gives them the access to do everything in ClubRunner
    40 Club President - This is reserved for the current year president. This gives access to everything except for changing the website.
    50 Club Executive - This is for Club Executives and Directors. This gives access to everything except for changing the website.
    60 Editor - This is for members who are in charge of writing stories or the bulletin.
    70 Member - This is the default access. This lets members edit their own profiles, send email, pay invoices, and view the club directory.
    80 Restricted Member - This restricts the member from sending emails.
    90 No Access - This will not let the member login.

    Site Admin: 'changes the website' seems to mean access the web design functions, as that is the difference between it and the next two.
    Club President and Club Executive appear to be the same. Full access to all club runner functionality except web design?
    Editor and Member: fine
    Restricted Member: should be more explicit about the restriction (and what an odd access level, really)
    No Access:

    It seems from here that you have unrelated things grouped together. it might be better to break it up to:
    Full Access
    Web Design
    Club Administration (all the other stuff that is not web content or web design)
    Content Editor / Story Editor / Web Content
    Member (write access to own details only), view club directory, pay own invoices?
    Email (send group emails to the club, on behalf of the club)
    Email access disabled (would be a person without the above privilege)
    Accounts (pay invoices? we don't use this function so I am not sure if it is to pay invoices on behalf of the club, or pay the club on their own behalf)
    Disabled (level 90). Retain details but can't login.

    Any one member might then have a set of access rights, depending on their role and club activities and needs.

    However, fine-grained access rights are a major change across the board, so not expecting to see it soon, if ever.

    So final suggestion is the levels, unchanged from how they operate now, be called:
    Site Administrator
    Club Administrator
    Club Administrator (split President and Executive if there are differences not explained above)
    Story Editor
    ???? we don't trust you to send emails ???? Perhaps it should be 'Associate' or 'Friend'

    Thanks, Anita.
  3. David H.

    By:David H.Sep 8, 2017
    ClubRunner Team

    Jun 10, 2017
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    Oakville, ON
    @Anita Graham, thank you for the feedback. There has been some discussion in our office about changing the access levels. Changing the access levels is a substantial change on our end. It would require a lot of programming time, testing, and changes to our knowledgebase articles. However we are open to a discussion about access levels which we can always use in the future.

    Correct, they have access to everything except for editing the website.

    For "Email (send group emails to the club, on behalf of the club)" - At the moment no member is able to send an email on behalf of the club. When an email it sent, it is always sent from the member. At times clubs create an "Other User" to be the club. The first name would be "Rotary Club of" then the last name would be the name of the Club. To learn how to create an other user please click on the following link:
    When ever the Club would like to send an email from the Club, the member can login to the other user and send the email.
    For "Accounts" - This is a really good one. I had one treasurer express how concerned he was that any access level 40 or 50 could see and edit the "Dues and Billing" area. I am going to bring this access type suggestion back to our Product team to review to see if we can come out with it in the future.
    Thank you for your understanding of this change.
    For Club Administrator, would it be better to be called "Club Officer"? Or do you think Club Administrator is better?
    For Story Editor, how about "Story & Bulletin Editor"?
    For the access type that cannot send emails, maybe we should rename it to "Restricted Email Access"?

    Please let me know what you think. If any other users have feedback please post it. This an open discussion.
  4. Bill Egnatoff

    By:Bill EgnatoffMay 16, 2018
    New Community Member

    May 16, 2018
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    Kingston, ON, Canada
    I believe that overhauling the access design would be a big improvement. My comments build on the details of Anita Graham's note. I would like to see two options:

    1. Allow the club system administrator to control what permissions go with each level (an enhancement of the current system)

    2. Allow the club system administrator to assign particular functions to particular users or defined groups of users. Here are some examples of capabilities that I would like to be able to give permission to a particular individual or named group of individuals:
    • Managing various duty rosters
    • Editing particular Web site pages
    • Managing particular document folders (I would want all users, by default, to be able to read all doucments that are not public, but I would like to be able to assign full capabilities to a folder to a group; e.g., committee members having full control over documents in their folder. (I realize that the enhanced committee module addresses that, but that's an extra cost enhancement.)
  5. Les Walsh

    By:Les WalshMay 16, 2018
    Active Community Member
    Beta Tester

    Oct 25, 2017
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    Financial Planning
    From a practical point of view, I have found it necessary to adopt the following:

    • Club President (40) - includes President, Secretary, President Elect, President Nominee
    • Club Executive (50) - most other directors and executives
    • Editors (60) - for some particular pages, although I was informed that if they are the 'page owner' editing access is possible.
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