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Additional Widget Ideas or Modifications

Discussion in 'Beta Tester Feedback' started by John Borst on Feb 8, 2019.

  1. John Borst

    By:John BorstFeb 8, 2019
    Well-Known Community Member
    Beta Tester

    Jun 25, 2018
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    Retired Education Administration and Teacher
    Education - retired
    I have three ideas for modifications to the Homepage widget pool especially the triple column text.

    You have three Triple Column Text widgets.
    1. Could one of them be reformated to be a Triple Column Text with a Centre Image at the top?
    2. Could another be reformated to have a grey bar with its title in header 2 capitals
    Thirdly could a second Stories or News widget be created with a Centre image at the top in which one could place a sub-banner. Now that you have comments and replies one can create a blog for members to write opinion pieces or personal stories on the community or Rotary related ideas which can in turn increase traffic to the site. I am currently taking this idea to the club executive and have a mock-up workaround on the site as an example.

    You will also see something similar for the triple column Club Information portion both of which spawned these ideas. https://drydenrotary.org