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ClubRunner - It’s renovation time!

Discussion in 'ClubRunner News & Announcements' started by Mickey on Sep 24, 2019.

  1. Mickey

    By:MickeySep 24, 2019
    ClubRunner Team

    Jun 10, 2017
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    For the past several months, ClubRunner has been undergoing a major infrastructure update.

    Technology gets outdated fast and in our promise to offer you best in breed technology, we’re making big improvements to the platform. Similar to a house renovation, we’re overhauling the foundation on which our platform operates, which will give us the support we need to strengthen the fundamental core of ClubRunner.

    What does that mean specifically? For a start, we’re moving all our servers onto the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and eliminating all locally managed data centre servers. This shift will ensure the stability, security and speed of our software. It also means that you no longer will experience prolonged downtime during our bi-weekly software updates!

    In addition to the server infrastructure changes, we’re also updating the actual application code from ASP.NET MVC to Microsoft’s brand new .NET CORE 3, a cross-platform framework that will bring numerous benefits to ClubRunner.

    Last but not least, we’re moving our databases from traditional SQL servers to Microsoft Azure’s SQL Services, which have built-in high availability, backups and Microsoft-managed patching and updating for ultimate security and stability.

    Why are we doing this? These updates are undoubtedly a large undertaking, but are crucial to putting us on the path of “future proofing” our software. Not to mention this shift gives us the advantage of being able to develop new features that will take membership management to the next level, making the possibilities endless!

    What you can expect soon? Instant and robust SSL website security (HTTPS) setup and maintenance, reduced downtime during regular maintenance, more frequent software update releases, a more robust and stable foundation, and more.

    But we’re just getting started! This major renovation, once completed, will put ClubRunner on a path to being able to deliver a more robust feature set to contribute to your club’s success. A lot goes on behind the scenes to turn that into a reality and we have more to share...soon!
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