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ClubRunner updates for December 2021 & January 2022

Discussion in 'Product Updates' started by ClubRunner Team on Jun 3, 2022.

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  1. ClubRunner Team

    By:ClubRunner TeamJun 3, 2022
    Staff Member ClubRunner Team

    Nov 17, 2016
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    We strive to make regular improvements to the ClubRunner platform through our bi-weekly software updates. Below are just a few of the improvements we made in December 2021 & January 2022.

    New Functionality

    • Documents that require login are now able to be downloaded immediately after the member has logged in, whereas previously, you were redirected to the account homepage.
    EventPlanner & MyEventRunner
    You can now customize the registration confirmation emails attendees receive for both these modules.

    System Updates

    • For Rotary customers: Member profiles now only require zip or postal codes for the United States and Canada.
    • You can once again set the default email for new members through the new member email templates page.
    • Improved the District Add Member page to use the club’s address information for Country and State/Province fields by default.
    Rotary Integration
    • Addressed an issue that prevented Rotaract members from joining a Rotary club as an active member.
    • Compare and Synchronize process now prioritizes active member records over other types. This helps address issues related to users having multiple profiles, with the same Rotary ID.

    • Standing committee members will no longer be listed twice in the Member Committee report.

    • Added help text to clarify that date listed as last sent in the Bulletin archive represents the time it was last sent or prepared to be sent.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented users from saving their stories while using the Live Designer when a thumbnail was part of a story.

    • Updated carousel ordering method to prevent ordering issues when the slide sequence was lost or has become invalid.

    Photo Albums
    • Addressed an issue that prevented photo albums with a large number of photos from being displayed correctly after the first page of photos.

    • When using the link feature in the editor to link to Documents, they will now always be a full address (http://www.myclubrunner.com/document/…) instead of a relative address (/Document/…). This helps prevent situations where the document cannot be downloaded.

    • Addressed an issue that prevented the “Browse Server” button from being displayed, preventing users from accessing the image library.

    Login Recovery
    • Addressed an issue when attempting to recover login information, where in some cases the incorrect website contact details were provided instead of the assigned website contact.

    • The donation module is now required to be setup prior to being able to create a new donation campaign.

    Event Planner & MyEventRunner
    • We’ve updated subject line of the payment confirmation email that Event Chairs receive for paid events to include the order number.

    • Addressed an issue in some languages where the Google Maps link would be incorrectly formatted resulting in a broken link.

    • Addressed an issue where long event codes could lock customers out of their MyEventRunner Portal. Event codes are now limited to 20 characters.

    Account Website
    • Districts
      • Addressed a display issue on the club’s information page, when the club did not have their own logo.
    • Clubs
      • When members view the club’s executives page while logged in, the information displayed is based on the listed individual's privacy preferences.


    • Addressed an issue that was preventing access levels from being saved when uploading multiple documents.

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