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Collecting donations through MyEventRunner

Discussion in 'COVID-19 Support & Resources' started by Omar S. on May 20, 2020.

  1. Omar S.

    By:Omar S.May 20, 2020
    ClubRunner Team

    Oct 22, 2019
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    Did you know that you can design donation forms for your different campaigns and initiatives using the MyEventRunner Lite edition?

    Integrated with the Online Payment module, MyEventRunner allows you to easily set up tickets, product add-ons, fundraising items and pre-selected donation amounts.

    1. Setting up your donation campaign

    Begin by creating an event to highlight your initiative.Click hereto read our step-by-step instructions on setting up an event using MyEventRunner Lite.
    • Use the Event Name field to highlight your initiative. This will be displayed on the donation form header and should be descriptive of the cause the donations are going to be used for.

    • The currency field allows you to determine which currency the payments will be collected in and what the merchant provider supports.

    • Event Start/End Dates and Form Start/End Dates refer to the duration you would like the donation form active for.
    Review the settings as you set the event up and ‘check’ the “Allow Duplicate Registrations’ option to allow multiple donations from one donor.


    2. Personalize the landing page with your custom header image

    To further elevate the look of your landing page, upload a banner along with your club logo for branding.Click hereto learn more on how.

    Consider taking a photograph related to your cause to include as your header as this gives the donor a visual to relate to. You can also add text for further customization.


    3. Create the donation options

    Now that the event, which is going to become your donation landing page is ready, the next step is to create the donation options using the add-ons feature, which you will find on the left menu of the page under the Form Designer section.Click hereto learn how to set up the add-ons on your form. Think of every add-on as a donation level that an individual can select.
    • Give your add-on a donation tier name and add a simple description.

    • Remember to leave the settings related to “maximum registration allowed” and “quantity limit per person” blank as these are options to restrict the use of these add-on options when it’s related to an event.

    • Add your pre-determined donation amount into the Price category.
    You can add as many tiers with predetermined donation amounts as you wish, but it is good practice to start with $1 and move your way up in increments.


    4. Add your custom questions to the form

    This is your chance to collect the details about your donor. MyEventRunner Lite comes equipped with a Standards Questionnaire feature which allows you to select the fields on your form.Click hereto learn more.
    • Simply enable or disable the questions you want appearing

    • Add your own custom questions to collect more details on your donors

    • Besides contact information, you can ask custom questions such as whether they can be contacted in the future for donations again, whether they would like to opt in to receive communications on the progress of this initiative, whether they are making this donation in honor of someone, etc.

    5. Publish and share!

    The last step prior to publishing your event is to select your payment provider.
    • Click on the Payment link on the left menu under the Form Designer

    • Select your Online Payment account and click on Save

    Now, we are ready to publish! Once published, you will be able to copy your form’s public URL and link that on your website as well as social media.

    Consider creating acustom page dedicated to your campaign and add the link to your donation form here.

    6. View donor details

    Access a list of all your donation amounts and donor details through the Registrations report. Here, you can view the payment history, make refunds if necessary and export your transactions to excel.


    This is a great resource to view the level of transactions on a daily basis and compare the activity. For example, if you sent an email to your members asking for a donation, you can immediately see the impact of that email campaign based on the volume of donations received that day or week.

    7. Keep in touch through email

    Thank your donors and keep in touch to invite them to donate again in the future using the built-in Email Services feature. Your message can be saved as a draft, and sent to the donor’s (Paid Attendee’s) status group. To access the email services for the MyEventRunner Lite event, click the ‘Email Service’ link in the left-hand menu.
    • Personalize your emails with the built-in mail merge fields.

    • Add attachments such as flyers or more details on your initiative giving donors more insight into the work being done.

    • Send follow up emails throughout to keep your donors engaged.

    Online Payment and eCommerce Module

    For clubs that are interested in the Online payment module, you can learn more by visiting our website.
    • For clubs in the US: Click here for more information getting started with Sage.
      Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner Sage BankCard has waived all monthly fees until July, including the support, gateway and minimum monthly fees for new clubs signing up. Click here to learn more.

    • For clubs in Canada: Click here for more information on getting started with Bambora. Currently, Bambora is offering a bonus of $100.00 as an incentive to new clubs signing up for a merchant account. Click here to learn more.

    • International clubs can learn more by clicking here.
    Has your club set up a donation form with MyEventRunner? Share your link and tips below!
    Last edited: May 21, 2020