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Fillable PDF

Discussion in 'Website Customization' started by Steve Sibulsky on Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Steve Sibulsky

    By:Steve SibulskyFeb 1, 2021
    New Community Member

    Mar 17, 2020
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    Audio Services
    We'd like to place a fillable PDF form on our clubrunner page...possibly one that will send the completed form to an e-mail address. Any thoughts?
  2. Omar S.

    By:Omar S.Feb 1, 2021
    ClubRunner Team

    Oct 22, 2019
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    Product Specialist
    Hello Steve,

    Thank you for your sharing your question and request with us on the ClubRunner Community Forum.

    At this time, there is no pre-formatted widget or built-in page on the system that can collect and tabulate results to then send to an email address.

    There is a work-around, where a 'Google Form' can be embedded into a custom widget on a custom page, or in a story, to collect survey or polling results from the widget on the custom page or story. In the Google Form & account, you can review the results from the embedded form on the Club website, on the widget or custom page. Additionally, results from the poll or survey on the Google form can be reviewed from the Google account that created the form.

    To create & retrieve the 'Google Form' embed code, please use this guide on the ClubRunner knowledge base:

    After retrieving the google form embed code, please follow these steps to enter the code into a custom widget on the Club home page, or new custom page:
    1. Login to the Club's 'Member Area'
    2. In the Club's 'Member Area', click 'New Website (Beta)' in the top blue bar
    3. To create the poll on the home page, click 'Home Page Designer' or click 'Create Custom Page', then select a template to create the page from and click the orange 'Next' in the top-right of the templates
    4. In the home page, or custom page designer, click the 'Content' tab on the right panel of the designer
    5. In the 'Content' tab, scroll to the 'Custom Widgets' groupings. Click the 'Custom Widgets (Global) grouping to use the widget for this page, and other pages, or 'Custom Widgets (Page Specific)' grouping for just this page/home page
    6. Drag-and-drop a new custom widget onto the page, above or below any other widget (You will see a green 'Drop Here' box' as you drag the new widget onto the page)
    7. After dropping the widget, hover-over it and click the 'Out-bound Arrow' icon in the top-right of the widget
    8. On the 'Edit [Custom Widget Title]' page, click the 'Embed Media' editor tool button
    9. Paste the google form 'HTML embed' code into the embed media box, and click the green 'Ok'
    10. Click the orange 'Save and Publish' button at the bottom of the edit widget page
    11. When ready to publish the page/home page, click the orange 'Publish' button in the top-right of the designer
    This will publish the page with the custom widget containing the Google form to fill on the Club website. You can re-title the widget from the designer, by hovering over the widget and clicking the 'Gear' icon to enter a new title in the 'Title' field, when reviewing the list of widget properties. Click the orange 'Save' button in the widget property dialog to save the changes to the widget.

    Once the page is complete, link it to the Club's navigation menu, using this guide on the ClubRunner knowledge base:

    To create a 'Story' with the embedded form, please use the 'Embed Media' editor tool in step 8 of this 'How to create & edit a Story' guide to embed the form into the 'Story Brief' which will be available in the preview of the widget, or in the 'Story Content' which will appear after clicking the 'Read More' link from the preview of the story:

    You can also create a link in another text widget or custom page to the polling page by using the 'Link' editor tool, and this guide on the ClubRunner knowledge base:

    When creating the link to the poll, use the 'Link Type' 'Custom Page', if the poll is embedded on a custom page.

    I hope this assists your Club with collecting results to a poll, survey or form on the website.

    Please continue to share your ideas and questions with us on the ClubRunner Community!
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2021