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Individual Project Report page

Discussion in 'General' started by Lee Stacy on Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Lee Stacy

    By:Lee StacyJun 8, 2020
    New Community Member

    Jun 8, 2020
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    The "Individual Project Report" page has a "Submit" button that when clicked sends me to a page that has 4 random clubs in our district listed & 4 random club members listed??? Please explain.
    All other pages when dealing with grants moves the grant from one status to another (or back in some cases), however, the "Individual Project Report" page does not move/track the grant to a status such as "Final Report Submitted".
    If it did the Grants Chair person (administrator) could receive an automated message from the system like al the other status changes to go look at the final report to see if it is completed properly or not & then move the grant to "Additional Info on Final Report Needed" or if all is good to "Complete" the grant.
    This page does not follow the same conventions as all the other pages in the life cycle of the grant(s).
    Can we discuss why it is different & how we might make it follow the conventions of the rest of the program.
  2. Omar S.

    By:Omar S.Jun 10, 2020
    ClubRunner Team

    Oct 22, 2019
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    Product Specialist
    Hello Lee,

    Thank you for sharing your question regarding the District Grants module on the Community.

    For District Grants, the 'Individual Project Report' page supplies more information to the parties involved for the grant. The 'Submit' button works to send an email of the 'Project Description' and 'Financial Report' to the Club and District parties involved, selected in the 'Recipients' section of the page.

    After clicking the 'Submit' button, you will be taken to the page to email the individual project report. Here, you can enter the emailed text in the 'Email Body' message box below, and when ready, click the 'Send' button to send the email to the contacts selected in the 'Recipients'. You may also send yourself a test email, by clicking the orange 'Send to Myself' button at the bottom of the page.

    When selecting the recipients of the individual project report, you can select from the following groups of contacts;

    The 'Grant Users', whom process and move grants through the stages, and the 'Grant Administrator' overseeing all grant requests. These two groups of contacts will be the same for all grants at the district.

    The other two groups of contacts are the 'Club Contacts' typically the Grant Requester from the Club, and the 'Area Governor' of the club requesting the grant. These two groups of contacts will change from Grant to Grant, depending on the Club submitting the grant request.

    You can also preview this attached report by clicking the 'Print' button, located to the left of the 'Submit' button. A copy of the attachment will be downloaded, or opened by your browser, where you can review the description and report for the grant.

    I hope this information helps you, and please let us know if you have any feedback!