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New Features in ClubRunner! July 2023 Edition

Discussion in 'Product Updates' started by ClubRunner Team on Jun 30, 2023.

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  1. ClubRunner Team

    By:ClubRunner TeamJun 30, 2023
    Staff Member ClubRunner Team

    Nov 17, 2016
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    Each new Rotary year brings fresh new opportunities to lead, strategize, and make a real impact in our communities. We're excited to share what's new in ClubRunner to launch the new Rotary year!

    Mobile Message Broadcasts
    Connect with your members and keep them informed of updates, event reminders and more instantly. Compose and send broadcast messages to your members' mobile phones through the ClubRunner mobile app. Through push notifications, members are notified of important announcements immediately.

    Rotary International 2-Way True Sync
    Up until now, RI Integration has updated your member data from ClubRunner to Rotary. We are proud to announce the release of 2-Way True Sync which synchronizes any changes made from Rotary to ClubRunner.

    Cloud Events (Tickets)
    Available in free preview mode for a limited time, streamline the process of managing any type of event with our new Cloud Events module. Create tickets, sell add-ons, collect donations and create registration forms with ease. With real-time reporting, track registrations, payments and event attendance, all in one place.

    Email Link Tracking
    Measure the success of your email campaigns by reviewing the number of clicks each link in your email receives and by whom, giving you valuable insight into what your audience is engaging with. Creating emails for maximum impact has never been easier.

    Membership Success (Prospects Module)
    With its intuitive prospect management features, effortlessly stay on top of new prospects with inquiry forms and automated email campaigns. Track detailed notes about each potential member and easily convert them to become an active member with one click.

    Rotaract Integration
    Just like Rotary club integration with Rotary International's database, this new feature enables seamless updates for meeting time information, changes in leadership, member contact details and more, for Rotaract clubs in your district.

    Donations Module
    Create multiple fundraising campaigns with their own dedicated landing pages, manage suggested donation tiers, design custom confirmation emails and more! Stay on top of it all with donation analytics, Gain better insight into your donation activity and easily track the performance of all your campaigns.

    Discover the latest features in ClubRunner

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.