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Recording Online Meetings and Embedding them Online

Discussion in 'COVID-19 Support & Resources' started by Mickey on Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Mickey

    By:MickeyApr 9, 2020
    ClubRunner Team

    Jun 10, 2017
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    Recording and sharing your online club meetings can be a great way not only to keep current members engaged and up to date, but also to recruit new members who may be curious or never have attended a meeting before.

    Online Meeting Guidelines
    • If you know your recorded meetings will be public then don’t discuss anything confidential, e.g., bank accounts, any member’s personal info, etc.

    • Don’t cancel your guest speakers if at all possible. If they are able to, ask them to join your meeting remotely and ‘give them the floor’ when it’s their time to speak. Engaging speakers who share great content can be just as effective drawing a crowd online.

    • Time is of the essence especially online, so try to keep your online meetings shorter than you normally would if it were being conducted in-person.
    Rotary.org has online meeting guidelines too, they can be found here:

    Recording and Saving online meetings

    Many online meeting services also allow for your meetings to be recorded and saved to your computer, whether it be for historical purposes or to be reviewed later. The saved video can be shared with your club members who may have been unable to attend otherwise, or even to members of the public.

    Here are three links describing how to record meetings for some of the most popular online meeting apps:
    Embedding an online meeting onto your website

    This resulting meeting video file could be stored locally on your own computer or device, or it may be stored “in the cloud” on the meeting software’s website. Once you are able to download and save this video file, consider uploading the meeting onto a free streaming service like Vimeo or YouTube. Once uploaded, you can embed the video right onto your website. This means users can watch the entire video without leaving your homepage. Here are instructions for embedding video:
    So don’t just make it business as usual, turn your club website into a valuable online resource!