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[Resolved] ClubRunner Service Interruption - Delayed Email Processing

Discussion in 'ClubRunner News & Announcements' started by Zach on Aug 13, 2019.

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  1. Zach

    By:ZachAug 13, 2019
    ClubRunner Team

    Jun 5, 2017
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    Product Specialist
    [Aug 13 2019 3:55 PM]
    This morning at roughly 10 AM US Eastern Time the ClubRunner team identified a delay in processing outgoing emails. We are currently working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

    Any email that you have requested to be sent are waiting to be prepared and sent out. As the backlog starts to clear out, the emails will be delivered. No action is required to have your emails delivered.

    We will continue to post updates as more information becomes available.

    [Aug 14 2019 8:30 AM]
    Last night our teams working with our partner vendors were able to identify the true cause of the email backlog, and we were able to apply a workaround. Since the workaround was applied, the email backlog has cleared and all emails have been delivered. New emails are continuing to be sent without issue.

    We are continuing to monitor the email system, and other systems that have been impacted by the true cause of the email backlog.

    [Aug 14 2019 12:00 PM]
    We are no longer seeing any processing or sending delays related to emails. We now consider this issue resolved, though we will be continuing to monitor all ClubRunner services throughout the day.
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