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Rotary Passion Brings a Website to Life

Discussion in 'Community Marketplace' started by Barb McG on Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Barb McG

    By:Barb McGApr 5, 2021
    Community Member

    Aug 28, 2020
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    Walnut Grove, CA, United States of America
    Rotary Passion Brings a Website to Life!

    Hi, my name is Barb and I have the passion for Rotary and can help take your Club's website to the next level. I am equally passionate to have your Rotary Club embrace the community in which it serves. It would be an honor and pleasure to be retained to create and maintain your Club's website.

    If you are looking for a person to help keep your community informed, be an information center for Members, post accomplishments of your Club and its members, and stay up to date in ClubRunner - then I am your gal. I offer ongoing services, because I have witnessed other clubs struggle with content and consistent or professional management of their website. My rates-for-hire are available by email, are streamlined, and offer easy-to-select packages to fit your needs. Your club can be up and running - fast! Even with minimal content.

    Let's grow your site at your pace. Together, we will create and provide a user-friendly website that is newsworthy of Rotary services, Rotarians, and keep you connected. The website will be kept up to date, have content and placement as needed, offer a fresh homepage, and be capable of a place the community can safely donate to the worthy causes your Club offers the community.

    Please, give me a shout out today and we can have you up and running in no time at all. Now is the time to utilize a ClubRunner website and reach out to your community, giving them a place to interact and recognize what Rotary is all about.

    Thank you in advance for your courtesy!
    Barb McGowan

    Rotary Member with WalnutGroveRotary.org

    Paul Harris Fellow, Soaring Rotarian, Perfect Attendance, known for Best Lunch Award, and others
    Contact me to discuss my rates-for-hire or ask questions at: DumbLuck22@gmail.com
    You can also contact me to discuss auction-for-hire duties.

    References: Feel free to contact anyone in Rotary Club of Walnut Grove, #557, District #5180, NorCal, USA