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Search Engine Optimization documentation needed

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Todd Nilson on Dec 26, 2021.

  1. Todd Nilson

    By:Todd NilsonDec 26, 2021
    New Community Member

    Jul 19, 2021
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    Online Community Strategist
    Two Rivers, WI, United States of America
    Now that I'm learning my way around the many capabilities of Clubrunner sites, one of the areas where I'm not finding anything by way of documentation is on the topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    Whereas with a WordPress or Squarespace site, I can easily access page-level SEO, I have so far only found the most rudimentary controls for setting SEO for the site.

    Have I missed an essential guide or support document? Are there plans for expanding these capabilities?

    One of my goals for 2022 is to improve the overall visibility of our club site and a big part of this is ensuring that we are optimizing for SEO. I am already quite familiar with making sure we've only got one H1 tag per page and that I am maintaining an appropriate keyword density, but aside from setting page titles, what I really feel is missing is the ability to customize excerpts and include relevant keywords on a given page to help Google figure out what a given page is about.

    Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated!
  2. John Borst

    By:John BorstJan 17, 2022
    Well-Known Community Member
    Beta Tester

    Jun 25, 2018
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    Retired Education Administration and Teacher
    Education - retired
    Todd, I like your question. I too would like more help with SEO. However, I checked out your website and it doesn't square with the little I do know about using Google and other search engines to grow your website audience. As-an-aside too few Rotary website managers use keywords or even try to build or create/monitor their growth.

    You say that you are setting "appropriate keyword density" and "page titles". You appear to know about the "ability to customize excerpts and include relevant keywords on a given page". A review of your titles and keywords doesn't support your claim. For example, All of your "News" stories have the same title which only has one tag "meetings". I am not sure how Google can find your title with so little information.

    For example here is what Coschedules Headline analyzer says about your headline:

    Headline Score 54, SEO Score 44

    You should strive to attain a Headline score of 90+ (it is really difficult) and an SEO score as close as to100 if possible.

    Once you know the difference in your common, uncommon, power and emotional words you will have a very good idea of where your keywords lay. You can also do trial searches using Google. I always try to set a minimum of at least 5 keywords. As you may see in blogs, the number of keywords is often much, much higher.

    • Increase your power words
    • Increase your emotional words
    • Increase your uncommon words
    • Increase your common words
    • Increase your word count by at least 4 words
    • Increase your character count by at least 10 characters
    • Add more emotionally positive or negative words

    Word Balance
    Your headline is missing several types of words that readers look for. Add them to your headline to increase your score.



    Increase the number of common words in your headline to improve your score. Great headlines usually consist of 20-30% common words.



    Increase the number of uncommon words in your headline to improve your score. Great headlines usually consist of 10-20% uncommon words.



    Increase the number of emotional words in your headline to improve your score. Great headlines usually consist of 10-15% emotional words.



    Pro Tip: Increase Your Power Words
    Increase the number of power words in your headline to improve your score. Great headlines usually include at least 1 power word or phrase.

    Find common words with the

    Word Count
    Your headline is a bit too light on words. Try increasing the length of your headline by a few words to grab attention and drive engagement.


    Character Count
    Your headline is a bit too short. Try increasing the number of characters in your headline to improve its SEO readability.


    You wrote a List headline. Your headline creates curiosity in readers by keeping the content of your post ambiguous and ensuring it will be easily skimmable.

    Reading Grade Level
    Your headline reads at or below a 7th grade reading level, making it easy for most readers to comprehend.

    < 612

    Your headline conveys a neutral sentiment. Add more emotionally positive or negative words to help it stand out and drive more engagement.

    Nice work! Your headline's message is clear and concise.

    Your keyword or topic is found in the first or last three words of your headline, making it easy for readers to skim and understand at a glance.

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