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Setting up recurring meetings on the Calendar and Subscribing to it

Discussion in 'COVID-19 Support & Resources' started by Michael C. on Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Michael C.

    By:Michael C.Apr 9, 2020
    ClubRunner Team

    Oct 22, 2019
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    Due to the ongoing pandemic, more and more clubs are moving towards holding their regular club meetings online, using services such as Zoom, GotoMeeting, Facebook Live, etc.

    A common issue clubs face is related to sharing the meeting details in a secure way, with both members and non-members.

    While you can create a meeting with a different link on a weekly basis, you can also use the same link across meetings permanently, so that once shared, you no longer have to worry about constantly sharing these details with the same group of people. Both Zoom and GotoMeeting allow you to create recurring meetings using one link, which essentially become your "meeting room".

    Once your online meeting details have been finalized, consider setting up your club meetings as a recurring calendar item. Events and meetings created using recurring calendar items will appear on the club’s upcoming events and event calendar widgets. They can also be set up to automatically repeat on a regular basis (eg. daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) so members can easily find the information to join an online meeting from the club’s website while you only have to input the details once!

    One option is to simply enter the meeting link into the location field, where you would normally enter your club’s meeting location information. Doing so will display the meeting link instead of the regular meeting location on the upcoming events calendar, and on the event page itself!

    To create a recurring calendar item, please see this article from our support Knowledgebase:

    What is so great about these online meeting links, is that they can be shared just about anywhere! You could also share the link in various other sections of your club website, by following this article from our Knowledgebase:

    It is important to note that if the link is shared somewhere public, anyone may be able to access and join your meeting. For added security, we recommend adding passwords to your meetings, requiring registration or enabling a waiting room (depending on the webinar platform you have selected). Keep in mind , there are also lots of security features you can enable on your webinar accounts.

    Subscribing to the Club’s Calendar

    You can also choose to subscribe to your Club’s calendar, which will allow you to view the club’s upcoming events and meetings on your own Apple, Google, or Outlook calendar so that you will never miss important meetings or events.

    To subscribe to your club’s calendar, please see this additional article from our support Knowledgebase: