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Using Public Signup Lists for Volunteer Tracking

Discussion in 'COVID-19 Support & Resources' started by Shawn on Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Shawn

    By:ShawnApr 9, 2020
    ClubRunner Team

    Dec 18, 2017
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    Your club’s online presence is more important than ever before during these challenging times, which is why ClubRunner has decided to provide all club websites with the enhanced version of our Volunteer module for the next 2 months.

    Enhanced Volunteers will allow your club to create a public standalone volunteer signup list. This means you can easily share your volunteer signup list with members of your club, as well as with members of the community. This will allow easy sign-up and organization of your club’s volunteer efforts.

    For more information about creating a volunteer signup list, please visit the following Knowledgebase article:


    Promoting your volunteer list on your website

    After the signup list is created, it’s important to ensure everyone is aware about the signup list so that they can easily register for the different tasks. Consider creating a custom page to tell your story by answering:
    • what the club is doing
    • why the club needs volunteers
    • what the volunteers will need to do
    Follow this up with a link to the volunteer signup list. The advantage of the enhanced volunteers module is that you can open your sign up sheets to non-members.

    This custom page can be linked on your navigation menu to ensure that both members and non-members can easily find it. The Club can even use a custom widget on the homepage with brief information and a link to the custom page to draw more attention.

    For more information on how to create a custom page and edit the navigation menu, please see the following Knowledgebase articles:

    Promoting your volunteer list through email

    Another great way to notify people about the signup list is to send them an email. Compose a new email or create a newsletter through the Bulletins module to promote your ask. As a best practice, include the same information you would on your website and make your call to action clear by adding a simple sign up option.

    You can send out an email to members, friends of the club and even past volunteers inviting them to sign up for volunteer tasks.

    Check out the steps on how to invite and communicate with volunteers by referring to the following article:https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/article/1721-how-do-i-communicate-with-volunteers

    With the Enhanced Volunteers module, your club can now transform its website into a hub of community activism and outreach! How has your club been using this feature to promote initiatives? Share your stories below.